Monday, July 11, 2011

ActiveX Endurance Camp at Warner Springs

Here's me finishing the Col d'Eff Yeux in my retro Active kit. Thanks to Jessica Wexler for the photo.

I've mapped the bike portion of ActiveX Endurance Camp at Warner Springs:

In honor of these epic rides, I want to dedicate Elvis Costello's "New Lace Sleeves" to Arch, Christy, and everyone who made Warner Springs such an amazing time. I have no idea how this song got into my head - not with the lousy dance music playing on Thursday night; nor with the ActiveX mix of Foo Fighters, the Cult, and more lousy dance music going on at every event - but there it was, echoing around in my brain to save it from the cries of "Stop pedaling!" that the rest of my body was sending.

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